Hello there,

my name is Filippo Alessi and I’m a marketer, a graphic designer, a photographer, a video-maker and a musician. But first of all I’m a traveler, a life experiences junky and a foodie.

I was born in Asolo in 1989, and lived the majority of my life in Castelcucco (TV), a small town at the bottom of Monte Grappa just one hour from Venice.

The beautiful landscapes and backgrounds of my home country always inspired me to expand my passion for the art of photography and video making. It surprises me how a photo can simply give really deep meaning to something that is not even real, or maybe seems insignificant. video-making on the other hand helps getting an even more complete experience, improved by the important element that is music. Music is so important in our lives; it can put a smile on your face and make you feel better. It can be relaxing and bursting at the same time.

Another hobby of mine is cooking. I love food, especially but not only Italian dishes. I cook to relax but also to try something new and innovative every day. I also like to draw, designing logos, illustrations and my personal t-shirts. I believe graphic design gives us the possibility to create beautiful and inspiring things and make our ideas real.

In my non-professional experience as a video-maker and photographer I won several contests, such as:

  • Is this heaven (Photo Contest)
  • Prime Uve – Explosive taste (Video Contest)
  • Ultimate Fantacalcio (Graphic Contest)
  • Madebymom (Video Contest)
  • Home made Recepies (Video Contest)
  • Top 5 – 5 invention that changed the world (Video Contest)
  • Genertel – Io invento (Video Contest)

Thanks to my dedication to several projects and the good results, I was given the title of  “video-maker pro” by the Userfarm Video Crowdsourcing Platform. I’m always learning new techniques every day and I’m always looking for unique ideas, trying to come up with something that has never been done before.

I’m currently living in San Francisco. I moved here a few months ago for another experience in a different cultural environment since I love to travel, especially in the USA.

Thanks for taking the time to go trough my website, much appreciated. If you feel like it drop me a line.


Filippo Alessi.